History of the 302 Motor

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History of the 302 Motor

by April Foulks (Notes) on Friday, August 24, 2012 at 6:52pm

My brother called me a few days ago and we were talking about the  history of the 302 motor & a dispute/discussion between him and a friend on how it went from being a Chevrolet invention to having BOTH the Ford & Chevrolet logos.Since we neither one were sure of the details or what the history actually is, we decided to do some research & this is what we found.

These links tell the story in timeline and dialog form & also include motor sizes and dates.

The last link I threw in because it sounded interesting & for those who, after reading all this, might be wondering if it would be possible to re-create this motor. Enjoy 🙂

The History of the Chevrolet Small Block


The History of the Chevrolet Small Block V8. 1953, Chevrolet introduces the … The Z-28, 302 cid engine used Corvette L-79 big port heads, with 11:1 compression …

The History of Ford Small Block Engines | eHow.com


The Ford 302 cubic inch displacement (CID) engine was one of the most popular American power plants throughout… The History of Ford Diesel Pickup Truck Engines

    The History of the 302 Chevy Trans Am Engine | eHow.com


    The heyday of Trans Am racing spawned a number of chassis, engines and option packages that would later become the stuff of legend. Chevrolet’s 302 V8 engine is an …

The History of the Automobile – Gas Engines – Inventors


The history of the internal combustion engine and early gas powered cars and inventors – Nicolas Joseph Cuglnot – Nicolaus Otto – Karl Benz – Gottlieb Daimler

Michael Faraday – Inventor of the Electric Motor – Inventors


Michael Faraday – his biggest breakthrough in electricity was his invention of the electric motor.


The 302 Engine – holisticpage.com


In 1969, Chevrolet made available a tube header option for the 302 engine (when this option was ordered, the engine in the car came equipped with exhaust …

Ford Windsor engine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The V8 Ford Windsor motor family is considered by … 4,942 cc), people dispute whether it … to the 302 as a 4.9 litre engine. The 302 remained a mainstay of various Ford …

Method of connecting stator coil of motor – US Patent 4964210 …


Patent Description: The present invention relates to an improved method of connecting an end portion of a stator coil of a motor to … an end portion of a stator coil 302 …

Internal combustion engine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  Before the invention of reliable electrical methods, hot tube and flame methods were … been used in the past but modern engines are usually started by an electric motor …

Timeline of historic inventions – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The timeline of historic inventions is a chronological list of particularly important or significant technological inventions. Note: Dates for inventions are often …

Read the ebook The progress of invention in the nineteenth …


Online etexts of The progress of invention in the nineteenth century by … Heliography, Niepce 302 Henry’s Electric Motor 50 Henry’s First Telegraph 18

Can you build a real Chevy 302? – Page 5 – THE H.A.M.B.


(Smog motor, 3.10 stroke 1975-1976) It comes up 312 cubic … A 302 Chevy is what i’ve been wanting to build for … The invention of the 350 was the whole reason for going …


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