How Could I Say NO

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How Could I Say NO

by April Foulks (Notes) on Friday, April 19, 2013 at 2:03am

How Could I Say NO

By: Teresa Clayton, Rene Thibault, April Foulks & Art by Jim Warren


How Could I Say NO

Alone I watched from ramparts of stone
Along the shore the surf did roar
As the sun began to rise

A vision of gossamer descended
A wraith so fair with flowing hair
Rose from the sea and looked at me

I stood upon the rock and felt a shock
as her piercing gaze threw me in a daze
She seemed to float over the moat

And when the vision reached me I could plainly see
her breasts were full and bountiful
shimmering softly with mist from the sea

How could I say No?

Come to me out to the sea and I will show you immortality,
Above the blue azure of waters blessed and pure
I will show you all the love that you and I are made of

Cleansed in the waters flow, returned to what you use to know
Come with me into the sea and I will show you all eternity
Then quickly take you to the sky where the visions there still lie

To drink the nectar of the kings and remember all the wondrous things
That beauty lies upon the skin, yes but more beautiful what lies within
Take my hand and we’ll fly away and forget the worries of this day

Supply of life’s nectar and a wholesome elixir
Lay bare beneath the full moon’s glow and I’ll show you what the gods all know
And she offered me the wisdom of the sea

How could I say No?

She rose above me upon the shore and beckoned me to rise once more
Come with me to the heavens heights and where there is no days or nights
we’ll lie bare and close the wick to flame and neither carry the weight of blame

Enter upon the goddess, come now within – here there is no name for sin
Feel the warmth of my delights, close your eyes to mortal sights and
see me from your passions breath or leave me now to my own death

Alas death can not come to you
for if I cannot have you body and blood then drown me now within the flood
The curse of forever lies within your soul

To wander the mist and ride the fell tide
Of the wild roses that inhabit the shore
And until the darkness prevails

How could I say No?

No thorn shall pierce your skin any more
The rose has opened her petals wide and invited you to come inside
We’ll dream of the living who seek the light

No darkness shall be the victor – no lightness here shall fail
In between the vectors of our sex lies the true meaning of this hex
Only a spell has befallen you my dear and what you have won you will lose to fear

Only beneath the sand and pebbles are the dreams of yesterday
So open your mind and bid me to come in – I am your refuge, your savior, your queen and your jin.
I can make all your dreams come true, trust me now and I’ll Come to you

nothing’s impossible if you believe
And as children kick the sand about
the footprints left leave no doubt

How could I say No?

come to me and I to you, come inside and there abide,
I will come for you and you for me and joined as one forever be free.
We left the sand but did not die.

For in Love we do reside
The stories here will live long past time
and even longer past this rhyme

With bright colors augmented and friendships cemented
Twas worth the words we share to bring joy here and everywhere
but before we part I must say, my nipples are erect and await your play

Facebook can kiss our asses – and go back to school to anatomy classes
Breast are multi functional blessings and require so much more than sqeezes and kissing
They feed our babies and they comfort the child – and sometimes these breasts do drive men wild.

How could I say No?

Copyright 2013 Teresa Clayton, Rene Thibault & April Foulks
Art by Jim Warren


2 thoughts on “How Could I Say NO

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