The United States Bill Of Rights – Miranda Rights

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The United States Bill Of Rights – Miranda Rights


I remember the big debate as to what the 2011 NDAA  law said when it was presented, passed by the Senate & signed IN SECRET by Obama …
As always, I left each to their own interpretation & didn’t say much more about it…

well folks here it is spelled out for you once again.. It’s time for us to WAKE UP to the FACTS..
Yes, I understand that he is the Boston SUSPECT, BUT he is ALSO an American Citizen as of Sept 11, 2011.. given the oath by Obama …


“…Reactions of horror and outrage to Graham’s suggestion that “the last thing we may want to do is read

Boston suspect Miranda Rights telling him to ‘remain silent.'”

what happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

There has been so much information.. right, wrong, or just plain speculation that it’s hard to know the truth.

However.. below is some information that Needs to be shared !

…Last night’s announcement makes clear that the Obama DOJ intends, as Bazelon says, to question him about a wide range of topics far beyond matters of imminent threats to public safety without first Mirandizing him.
But there’s another reason why I found Democratic outrage over Graham’s statements to be confounding. The theory on which Graham’s arguments are based is one that the Obama administration has vigorously embraced with the full-throated endorsement of most of its supporters:
namely, that the US is “at war”, and that anyone who takes up arms against the country or tries to kill Americans is not entitled to basic rightseven if they’re American citizens.
As Graham told the Washington Post, his view that Tsarnaev is not entitled to these rights is grounded in his belief that the US is fighting a global war and those who fight in it against the US are “enemy combatants”.
It is bizarre indeed to watch Democrats act as though Graham’s theories are exotic or repellent. This is, after all, the same faction that insists that Obama has the power to target even US citizens for execution without charges, lawyers, or any due process, on the ground that anyone the president accuses of Terrorism forfeits those rights. The only way one can believe this is by embracing the same theory that Lindsey Graham is espousing: namely, that accused Terrorists are enemy combatants, not criminals, and thus entitled to no due process and other guarantees in the Bill of Rights. Once you adopt this “entire-globe-is-a-battlefield” war paradigm – as supporters of Obama’s assassination powers must do and have explicitly done – then it’s impossible to scorn Graham’s views about what should be done with Tsarnaev. Indeed, one is necessarily endorsing the theory in which Graham’s beliefs are grounded.
It’s certainly possible to object to Graham’s arguments on pragmatic grounds, by advocating that Tsarnaev should be eventually Mirandized and tried in a federal court because it will be more beneficial to the government if that is done. But for anyone who supports the general Obama “war on terror” approach or specifically his claimed power to target even US citizens for execution without charges, it’s impossible to object to Graham’s arguments on principled or theoretical grounds. Once you endorse the “whole-globe-is-a-battlefield” theory, then there’s no principled way to exclude US soil.
If (as supporters of Obama’s terrorism policies must argue), the “battlefield” is anywhere an accused terrorist is found and they can be detained or killed without charges, then that necessarily includes terrorists on US soil (or, as Graham put it, using one of the creepiest slogans imaginable: “the homeland is the battlefield”).
Recall, in fact, that the Democratic-led Senate enacted the 2011 NDAA, which was then signed into law by President Obama, that codified the power of indefinite detention even of US citizens on US soil accused of terrorism (that’s what led a federal court to enjoin the law on the grounds of unconstitutionality). It is true that Obama said that, as a matter of policy, he would not exercise these powers against US citizens on US soil, but that’s simply a pragmatic choice that can be changed at any time. The theory of the NDAA is the same theory as Graham yesterday invoked, which in turn is the same theory animating the Obama “war on terror”: the US is “at war” with The Terrorists, and anyone who takes up arms against the US and tries to kill Americans are “combatants” who can be denied basic rights. Watching Democrats mock Graham, while supporting Obama’s policies based on the same theory, is truly surreal.”



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