Ladies & Gentlemen: COMMUNICATE!

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I’ve been seeing & hearing this going round, & round among my friends & family… so I thought I’d share a little insight.

Ladies & Gentlemen: COMMUNICATE!

Relationships are NOT easy, they take WORK on BOTH sides to survive & be strong!

Ladies, at this time of year, our natural instincts & the way we were raised kick into high gear, triggering our home & family relationship zones.

We want to feel loved, appreciated, important, etc.. all this is good IN MODERATION…

unfortunately all those feelings & thoughts also kick in our FEARS ..

  • does he love me,
  • does he want to spend time with me,
  • why doesn’t he answer my calls & texts right away…

Get a grip..

  • he loves you or he wouldn’t be with you,
  • he does want to spend time with you,
  • make you happy,
  • do things together,

Things like work, money, bills and the incessant need we have to “talk” take their toll.

Remember too, that what we as women say is not always what a man hears.. there IS a difference!

  1. Trust in your relationship,appreciate how hard your partner is working & trying to make things as smooth for you as possible.
  2. Give your partner some space to breathe after a long day, not verbally bombard him with how horrid your day was, or what you think they did wrong.
  3. DON’T Accuse one another or try to tell them how to feel.. we are human & have our own emotions & personalities..
  4. there are bound to be differences of opinion… agree to dis-agree.


COMMUNICATE! communication is KEY..

(a woman will start questioning EVERYTHING if you don’t Talk to her or SHOW her she is important to you.)

  • Guys & Gals  BOTH must show appreciation,
  • take time (after you get home relaxing for about 30 mins) to find out how his/her day was..
  • KNOW that you don’t have to “fix” it, just listen..
  •                                 (she will ask if she needs you to help or fix it.. women talk things out to find answers.)
  • It is ok to ask questions.. it shows interest.
  • Be Sincere!
  • Be INTERESTED in what he/she has to say.
  • Most important is to LOVE each other & not let the nay sayers & negatives tear you apart.
  • Work things out if possible, if that is not possible move on trying to remain friends.

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