Help/Survival Utilizing Natural Energy & Resources

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Help/Survival Utilizing Natural Energy & Resources
This blog is written, researched & compiled by:
April Foulks ~ AKA Lady Kira
Special Thanks to:
Homestead Survival for the opening Picture
September 2012


You’ve probably heard of all the natural resources available,
but how do you use or make them?

This blog will discuss some of the options available to us:
including where to find the information necessary
to build/purchase them ourselves.


Our most available water resource is RAIN,
and since our bodies are 90% water, we will start there.

So how do we:

1. collect it?

2. purify it for food & drinking?

3. store it so it doesn’t grow algae?

All very good questions.


The fastest way is to create or buy a water barrel
to collect it as the rain falls.
This will give you fresh water until your other containers are ready.
NO, these do not have to be ugly!! Check these out!


**as you can see, you can make them look like whatever you want**
Here is a VERY simple idea
  • The stands don’t have to be ugly either!! 🙂


What you will need:

  • 55-Gallon Drums

  • Copper Faucets with Washers

  • Screens or Drain Widgets

  • Drill

  • Bleach

  • Water Purification Tablets
  • Charcoal Filters


  1. Saving Water with an Inexpensive Rain Barrel

    • 1

      Get a 55-gallon plastic drum. Plastic is best because it will not rust. You can find a reconditioned food service barrel in the Yellow Pages of your local phonebook. Use food grade to ensure they drums never contained any harmful substances.

    • 2

      Drill a hole into the top of the barrel large enough to accommodate your downspout.


        • Drill a hole about two to three inches up from the bottom of the barrel large enough to house a copper water faucet. Use washers to set the faucet into the barrel. Make sure there is enough room to attach a hose to the faucet.

        • 4

          Drill a small hole about an inch or two down from the top of the barrel to serve as an overfill valve. You can also fill this hole with water hose segment and hose clamps to attach one rain barrel to another.

        • 5

          Fit a drain widget or screen into the top hole to keep leaves and debris from getting into your rain barrel.

        • 6

          Position the barrel so that the downspout will drain directly into the widget filling the drum. You may need to shorten your downspout with a saw to the appropriate length. Set the rain barrel up on concrete or wood blocks to make it more accessible.

        • 7

          Repeat the steps to make a rain barrel for each of your home’s gutter downspouts.

        • 8

          Sit back and wait for the next rain shower. A quarter-inch of rain will typically yield about two hundred gallons of water.


Links or more information:

**The first link supplied here comes with this warning/suggestion for these directions:
Do not use collected water for drinking, cooking or bathing

The Lid

How to Make a Rain Barrel Lid


How to Make a Rain Barrel Out of a Wine Barrel

Read more: How to Make a Rain Barrel Out of a Wine Barrel |


How to Make Rain Barrels


Where to find Free Barrels:

Government Funded

When looking for a free rain barrel, first check for local city or water department programs where you can get a rain barrel kit,
and sometimes even have it installed, for free.
Los Angeles, Tampa, and Cleveland are a few of the cities with free rain barrel programs.

Business Sources

There are many businesses where you can get barrels for free.
Check with soda pop manufacturers,
car washes,
car dealers,
food processing plants and
animal supply outlets.
Watch ads online
your local paper
You may find inexpensive barrels on dairy farms,
at garage sales
and in salvage yards.

Warning.. Purify!!

Make sure any barrel you use to collect rainwater did not hold anything toxic.

For example, most windshield wiper fluid is toxic to plants and other life.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection suggests disinfecting used barrels with

1/8 cup bleach in 5 gallons of water.

You can also purchase water purification tablets &/or filters at places like
Walmart to make your water ready to drink or use in cooking.
*find the tablets in the camping section*

There is also a plant that you can utilize at a pond or stream that is a natural water filtration system &
has a multitude of other uses such as being edible.
This is the Cat-tail …

To keep your barrels from growing algae

use a a dark colored, opaque barrel to slow the growth of algae in your rain barrel,

also algae do not like heat, so wrapping or insulating your container with heat conducting materials will help.
Here is a link for barrels that you can buy
*you can also get these from places like Tractor Supply*


ok.. so..What if it isn’t or hasn’t rained?

*There is a very simple way to get water in this case
I learned this as a child in outdoor survival… still remember it :)*

This takes a longer period of time
& doesn’t produce large amounts,
but while you are doing other things
(like preparing for night-fall or setting up your basic containers)
this will give you at least enough to keep your mouth moist …
1. Take your cup or anything that is free standing that you want to collect the water in
put it securely on the ground (or any flat surface)
directly in the sun

2. place a piece of plastic or even dark cloth over the top & secure it

3. place a small rock in the center & walk away

Simple.. All Done.

The rock acts as a weight that will allow the water condensation to drip as it forms into your container giving you water.

Something else that is important:
Keeping mosquitos & bugs out of your water & the area where it’s kept.
There are natural ways to do this that will Not hurt the environment, animals or humans.

You may want to purchase a few goldfish to live in your rain barrel to eat mosquito larvae and control the mosquito population.


The next section/blog on this topic will cover how to clean dirty water & how to store water for later use…
until Next time…



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