To Quote Anne Murray: “We Sure could Use A Little GOOD News Today”

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So far in the news I’ve read:

former president Bush questions the motives behind the Senates sudden & quick push behind immigration reform,

You can read that here:

That “The Barack H. Obama Foundation is run by Abon’go “Roy” Malik Obama, the half-brother of Barack Obama” has a bogus address”

read that here:

This one’s interesting & shows how government agencies can twist The Federal Law & Laws of States to make them sound better or worse than they are. :

” Kansas Governor Sam Brownback received a letter from Federal Attorney General Eric Holder threatening action against the state should Eric Holder official portraitit enforce SB102 which Brownback signed into law last month.”

read that here:


It appears that a loophole in Hawaii birth certificate laws provides a “National Security Threat to the United States”

Read more about that here:



(Expected to reveal ‘full case’ need for Congress to investigate against Obama)



“Gallups continued, “Really, every scandal in Washington around the Obama administration can have its foundation in this fraudulent document case.

Think about it…

why would the office of the POTUS feel the “need” to present as its only identifying document of the man in the White House –

a 100% proven fraud and forgery?

If, and I say “if”, it is because Obama has no valid U.S. identification, then where does that leave us in the wake of:

  • Benghazi,
  • the IRS,
  • the AP scandal,
  • Fast and Furious,
  • Libya and Egypt wars,
  • the attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment,
  • U.S. border security, and so on?

What if, and again I say “if”, – what if the man in the White House is not even a U.S. citizen in the first place?

You can see how huge this matter really is and why it must be investigated by the one body that has the authority and constitutional mandate to do so – Congress.”


With all this mess and more, I wholeheartedly have a desire for a better world.

I would love to wake up one morning and find there was no bad news to be reported.

We may never get there, but that won’t stop me from praying for peace,

and thanking God for those who are willing to serve our country and believe peace is worth the price.

I second & Quote Anne Murray:

 “We Sure could Use A Little GOOD News Today”



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