Adam, Lilith, Naamah and Eve–Part 2 Adam & Naamah

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Adam, Lilith,  Naamah and Eve
Part 2 – Adam & Naamah

Before we get into this topic keep in mind that folklore & mythology are stories of things from past history

told by word of mouth throughout time as a record so we don’t forget.

That being said, let’s begin:

One would think that it would be easy to discern (figure out) who and what this being/person is all about,

but in researching Naamah this proves not the case & very confusing!

Not only is there one tale of her, but there are others as well:

  • Wife of (King) Solomon
  • Mother of Solomon
  • Wife of Noah
  • Mother of a giant son to (King) David?
  • Wife of Samael
  • Wife of Azueal
  • relative of Lilith
  • mother of Adam’s children
  • the mother of the demon Asmodai
  • she ruled over the eastern quarter (Damascus)
  • She is regarded as the inventor of divination
  • She may or may not also be the wife of Noah or his son Ham.
  • etc……

Naamah or Na’amah (Hebrew: נעמה‎) is a demonic legendary creature, the mother of divination.

Naamah comes from Hebrew: נעם‎ naim and means pleasant.

The meaning of her name is argued among Hebrew scholars;

it refers either to her virtuous nature (“pleasing” to God (YHVH))

or to a penchant for idolatry (singing “pleasant” songs to pagan idols).

In the Zohar

Naamah appears in the Zohar as:

  •  one of the four angels of sacred prostitution,

Sacred prostitution, temple prostitution, or religious prostitution is a sexual ritual consisting of sexual intercourse

or other sexual activity performed in the context of religious worship, often as a form of fertility rite.

A sacred prostitute can also be described as a hierodule or a qedesha.

There is conflicting information on whether this was a true ritual or not and a topic for a different study.

Bible Dictionary

Naamah definition

the beautiful.

  • (1.) The daughter of Lamech and Zillah (Gen. 4: 22).
  • (2.) The daughter of the king of Ammon, one of the wives of Solomon, the only one who appears to have borne him a son, viz., Rehoboam (1 Kings 14:21, 31).
  • (3.) A city in the plain of Judah (Josh. 15:41), supposed by some to be identified with Na’aneh, some 5 miles south-east of Makkedah.

Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary

2312742-abr_royo_subversive_beauty_the_five_faces_of_hecate_3  2315887-37753df6c3cc4e7f8b3ba731b7ed0af1  Eisheth_Zenunim_by_GENZOMAN

Since there are several different versions I will do my very best to make them as non-redundant as possible.

The midrash (Midrash ha-Gadol, Gen. Rabbah 4:22) relates that Naamah was the most beautiful woman in the world, so much so that she caused the ministering angels to fall prey to her loveliness for they thought she was one of them.

As it is said (Gen. 6:2): “The sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of men were.”

The late Midrash and the Zohar developed the figure of Naamah as a seducer of men and even of demons.

To make things more complicated, it is said that there are counter-parts or opposites of some of those mentioned in the bible 1 evil 1 good,

as you will see as you read through this information, however the more comparisons, the more they sound like the same person.. so let’s keep an open mind & continue…..

According to tradition, Naamah was created directly by God, as was Eve and Lilith.

Naamah and Lilith lived in the Red Sea coast where they were expelled by God.

Naamah appearance is similar to Lilith,

Naamah was the wife of Shamadon and the union with this fiend produced Asmodeus (Ashmedai), the king of the demons.

Also according to Zohar, Naamah corrupted Uzza and Azael.

Naamah is often named as the mother of the demon Asmodai, the consort of the Lesser Lilith (Lilith and Samael’s daughter).

but Lilith being more sensual, young and beautiful and as one that corrupted the fallen angels and their leader Semyaza.

Naamah is generally identified with the daughter of Lamech.

However THIS Naamah must not to be confused with Lamech’s daughter Naamah,

sister of Tubal Cain, a descendant of Cain.(Genesis 4:22)**here is one of those identical comparisons**

This Naamah is a counterpart to the one who appears in Genesis, and she is regarded,**here is one of the identical comparisons**

and like her mortal counterpart, as a patron of divination and music.

In Gnostic Kabbalah, she is called Nahemah and is the qliphah corresponding to the sephirah Malkuth.


She is the lover and/or wife of some of the most formidable angels, demons, and biblical heroes,

including Azazel, Samael, Shemhazai, Solomon, and Noah (and maybe his son, too).

Her children include the Nephilim, Shedim, and Ashmodai.

The Hebrew name Naamah, meaning “pleasant,” appears in the Bible and Jewish folklore but may or may not refer to the same being:

  • The name may be shared by different women.
  • Naamah may name one spirit with a very long, interesting history.
  • Naamah may be both a goddess, possibly a divine ancestress, and the woman named in her honor.

The first appearance of the name Naamah is early in the Book of Genesis.

Genesis 4:22 details Cain’s descendants including the first ironworker and his sister:

“And Zillah … bore Tubal Cain, and instructor of every artificer in brass and iron and the sister of Tubal Cain was Naamah.”

The verse is unusual as it mentions a female descendant.

Female descendants are rarely sited in the Bible without significant cause.

Why Naamah is considered worthy of mention is not specified, but according to Talmudic sources, this Naamah (widely acknowledged as the demon) was a shaman, cymbal player, and singer whose pleasant voice lured humanity to idolatry. ***HERE**

Naamah is a sea spirit.

The Zohar, Kabbalah’s sacred text describes her as “alive to this day” and living amongst the waves of the Great Sea.

The other official biblical reference to Naamah is as a princess of Ammon, an ancient kingdom near the Dead Sea, wife of King Solomon and mother of his son and successor, King Rehoboam.

Talmudic and Jewish lore identifies other Naamahs, too:

  • Naamah, young, beautiful princess, fell in love with the rebel angel Azazel.
  • According to some myths, when her sister Ishtahar rejected the angel Shemhazai, Naamah had sex with him, too.
  • Azazel and Shemhazai were severely punished.
  • Naamah, originally mortal, evolved into a spirit, attaining immortality or something very close to it.

    (this could be because, like Lilith & if she was also created before EVE, she was NOT with Adam when the fall of man happened- thus she kept her immortality)

  • Naamah is the name of Noah’s wife and thus ancestress of all born after the Flood.

** (Naamah’s son Shem’s wife may also be named Naamah. They may or may not be the same Naamah.)

  • Some interpret the two women who presented one baby to King Solomon in the days before DNA testing, requesting that he determine the true mother, as Naamah and Lilith playing tricks.

Naamah is a spirit of women’s sexual autonomy and sacred erotic rites.

Naamah rules the ecstatic point where sex, spiritual ecstasy, and music intersect.

Those who comprehend this point and seek to attain it are her constituency.

Favored people: Musicians

Offerings: Naamah adores music (her half brother Jubal is ancestor of all musicians); incense, water, desert fruits**HERE**


The Charmer; Mother of Divination;

Naamah, ancient and mysterious spirit, is a sometime ally, sometime rival, sometime traveling companion of Lilith.

Like Lilith, she takes many forms:

  • Naamah is a demon,
    • Her fellow succubi are Lilith, Eisheth Zenunim, and Agrat Bat Mahlat.
    • She, along with Lilith, causes epilepsy in children.
    • They are the original four queens of the demons.
  • According to Zohar she is a succubus and fallen angel, and is generally regarded as an aspect or relation of Lilith.
  • an angel (albeit of prostitution),
  • and a primordial goddess.
  • The Kabbalah describes Naamah as being similar to Lilith.
  • Like her sister demon, Naamah seduces men and strangles sleeping babies.

(She’s blamed for SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as crib or cot death.)

  • Like Lilith, she can be a powerful ally to those she perceives as her constituents.
  • one of the four mates/wives of the archangel Samael,

Samael you will recall is an Archangel, & Angel of Death.

Although considered a fallen angel he is also still considered loyal to God..

Archangel Samael


Lesser Lilith being more sensual, young and beautiful and as one that corrupted the fallen angels and their leader Semyaza.


After Cain killed Abel, Adam separated from Eve for 130 years.

During this time, two female spirits, Lilith and Naamah would visit Adam and bear his children, who became the Plagues of Mankind. (Zohar 3:76b-77a)

According to Gershom Scholem, the author of the Zohar, Rabbi Moses de Leon, was aware of the folk tradition of Lilith. He was also aware of a story, possibly older, that may be conflicting.  According to the Zohar, two female spirits, Lilith and Naamah — found Adam, desired his beauty which was like that of the sun disk, and lay with him. The issue of these unions were demons and spirits called “the plagues of humankind”.  The added explanation was that it was through Adam’s own sin that Lilith overcame him against his will.

Also according to Zohar, Naamah corrupted Aza and Azael. (Zohar: Genesis: Chapter XXXII)

It is also related that Naamah and Lilith harm infants and abuse people in their sleep (Zohar, Bereshit 4:7).

Naamah Portraits in pictures:

A Different view & Story of Naamah:


Bright Lady



: Sexual Pleasure, Compassion, and Sacrifice

Main Temple Location
: Source of Naamah River


She is one of two female angels, and the eldest sister.

Her domain is that of sexual pleasure, compassion, and sacrifice.

Naamah’s province in Terre d’Ange is Namarre.

Priests and Priestesses of Naamah wear scarlet robes.

The Bright Lady she is called, and the first angel to be moved by Blessed Elua’s plight and to descend from heaven to take mortal form to aid him.

It is her sacrifice to the King of Persis that earned Blessed Elua his freedom, and the nature of that sacrifice that served as the origin of the Court of Night-Blooming Flowers.


“Naamah was first among them, and it was she who gave herself to the King to win blessed Elua’s freedom with a night’s pleasure”
– excerpted from Earth Begotten by Jacqueline Carey.

Desire and passion in all of its forms is the gifts Naamah gave to Terre d’Ange.

With such a following as the servants of Naamah and the Night Court, and given the history of the acts Naamah performed out of love and service to Blessed Elua, many have misconstrued Naamah’s worship as purely sexual.

While it is a large part of the priesthood, desire and passion in itself is not limited to the realm of the sexual.

  • The desire to improve one’s light,
  • desire to succeed,
  • the desire to rid the world of war,
  • famine,
  • disease,
  • the passion in one’s work,
  • all of these driving forces steam from Naamah’s gifts to Terre d’Ange.

To be a priestess of Naamah, not only must one be trained in Naamah;’s arts, but the acolyte must wander the lands of Terre d’Ange for a year and a day, and never turn away anyone coming to them out of honest desire.

This is to give the acolytes a greater depth of understanding Naamah and her service and sacrifice for Blessed Elua.

Once the service is complete, they are a part of Naamah’s priesthood.

Naamah claimed the lands of Namarre as her own, and legend has it when she settled on where to live, the sacred river Naamah was created.

It is on this site that main temple of Naamah is founded.

Unlike the other main temples of the other priesthoods, the main temple in Naamare is not open to all, but only to the priests and priestess of Naamah, and her Servants.

In recent history, it has been discovered that Naamah has secretly supported lovers whose families would object to their union, turning away no one that come to their doors out of open and honest desire. (This may very well be the reference to the Sacred Prostitutes found in other texts)

A temple in the City of Elua is dedicated for such lovers, and its priests and priestess are normally wandering the lands, acting as mediators between factions, and offering support and guidance to star crossed lovers.

The priesthood of Naamah wears scarlet robes, form the simple to the intimate, depending upon the situation they find themselves.

Naamah’s Temple, Market District

Temple of Naamah2.jpg

The Temple of Naamah is a small, lovely building edifice of white marbled latticed stonework.

The main hall is a cathedral corridor with a high ceiling and tall, tapered windows.

The simple scent of floras, subtly mixed with the scent of molten wax and doves, welcomes those who seek Naamah.

Rather than being adorned with tapestries and paintings like many of the other Temples, Naamah’s Shrine is instead merely filled with an astonishing variety of flowers, both in vases and dried, as well as a fierce blaze of hundred candles that line the outer walls.

The ceiling itself is domed at the very top, opened to sky overhead.

A single red carpet leads from the front doors to the far end of the hall, where an enormous alabaster statue of Naamah herself sits in quiet repose on an altar of darker stone, her eyes closed.

On the floor near her feet are a number of small silver bowls filled with coins – offerings to the angel herself, no doubt, for fertility or other needs.

Scarlet-robed priests and priestesses can be found about the temple doing various chores, conversing in quiet tones or silently leading newcomers to the back rooms.

Festival: Night of Love

This is the day when Naamah and her Servants are honored.


According to, this is the lineage of Adam & Naamah:

Adam aka Abaraz Also known as A-bar-gi. Lord of Ur & Naamah (Naamâh)

(2) Naamâh also known as Nâmus. The Charmer. Shub-ad, Great Lady of Ur.

From this union:
(1) Nin-banda.     Relation with Tubal-Cain also called T balkin the Vulcan. Mes-kalam-dug. King of Ur. Hero of the Good Land. Ca 3200 BCE.


Tubal-Cain – Nin-Banda

Methusael    Hâm aka Chem Zarathustra  Lamech – Zillâh


(1) Tubal-Cain also known as Tôbalkin the Vulcan. Mes-kalam-dug. King of Ur. Hero of the Good Land. Ca 3200 BCE.

According to the Bible he made all kinds of bronze and iron tools: the first smith.
(2) Naamâh

From this union:

(1) Hâm aka Chem Zarathustra. Archon of the 10th Age of Capricorn.

Relation with Neelata-Mêk.
Hâm’s descent through Cush:

Nimrod. From him descends Hagar who has a relation with Abraham.
\ /
Boethos aka Hotep-sekhemwy. Founder of 2nd Dynasty of Egypt.
\ /
Raneb aka Kaiehkos. King of Egypt.

His descendant Senusret had a relation with Nefert.
(2) Japhet also called Iapitis.

Relation with Adelensis.

Descent into Anatolia.

below are the links to see it for yourself: 


Naamah In The Bible

According to the Rabbis, Naamah was Noah’s wife; as her name indicates, her actions were pleasing (ne’imim—Gen. Rabbah 23:3).

According to another view, however, she acted improperly, for she beat on a drum and drew people to engage in idolatry, and her musical activity increased corruption among people.

This tradition is apparently connected with a different interpretation of the name Naamah, from ne’imah (melody and song) (Targum Pseudo-Jonathan on Gen. 4:22).

Naamah is one of only three females included in the genealogies of the early chapters of Genesis.

Those lists of names serve the literary purpose of expanding the world’s population from the primal pair (Eve and Adam) to the populated territories of the known world that form the backdrop to the emergence of the Israelite ancestors (Sarah and Abraham) at the end of Genesis 11.

The three females are the two wives and one daughter of Lamech, whose offspring constitute the seventh generation after creation.

The symbolism of the number seven in the Bible points to the seventh generation as significant: humanity is now fully launched.

Lamech’s children thus are the human founders of vocations, in contrast to divine creators of cultural roles that characterize many mythological beginnings tales.

As the daughter of Zillah, Naamah is the sister and half sister of three brothers, all founders of an aspect of human culture.

Their names are linked to their archetypal occupation (for example, the name Jubal, ancestor of instrumental musicians, may be related to the Hebrew word for “horn” or “trumpet”).

No vocational role is ascribed to Naamah; however, her name may signify one.

It comes from the Hebrew root n‘m, which means “to be pleasant” or “lovely” (compare Naomi); but the same stem can mean “to sing,” which would make her the ancestral singer.

The intimate connection between women and song, going back to the maternal tuneful, rhythmic soothing of infants and found widely across cultures, would support the idea that Naamah is the archetypal founder of vocal music.

In Genesis 4:22. The NIV states: “Lamech married two women, one named Adah and the other Zillah….

Zillah also had a son, Tubal-Cain, who forged all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron. Tubal-Cain’s sister was Naamah.”

Although this Lamech is said to be a descendant of Cain, he has sometimes been confused with Lamech among the descendants of Seth, an ancestor of Noah.

Naamah is named as the wife of Noah and a daughter of Enoch, Noah’s grandfather, in the mediaeval midrash Book of Jasher Chapter 5:15

The 17th century theologian John Gill identified Naamah instead with the name of the wife of Ham, son of Noah, whom he believed may have become confused with Noah’s wife.

Naamah, a city of Canaan, listed in the Book of Joshua (at 15:41), as having been conquered and subsequently settled by the Tribe of Judah.

The city may possibly have been a tributary of the Canaanite royal city of Makkedah.

Naamah, an Ammonite wife of King Solomon, and mother of his heir, Rehoboam, according to both 1 Kings 14:21, 31, and 2 Chronicles 12:13.

She is the only one of Solomon’s wives to be mentioned, within the Tanakh, as having borne a child.

    Giovanni_Venanzi_di_Pesaro_König_Salomons_Götzendienst- Naamah King Solomon's Wife

Naamah Solomon’s Egyptian Wife

Solomon & the Queen of Sheba


It is said that Solomon thought The Queen of Sheba was actually Naamah (because of her hairy legs)…?? ok…??

Naamah (demon), an angel of prostitution, one of the succubus mates of the demon Samael in Zoharistic Qabalah. She is the mother of divination.

This Naamah is generally regarded as being the daughter of Lamech; how she became a demon is unclear. In Gnostic Kabbalah, she is called Nahemah.


Naamah – Noah’s Wife

naamah-Noah's Wife

Naamah was the wife of Noah & three sons, Shem, Ham & Japheth whom all became direct ancestors of many races.

Whilst the Bible does not specifically mention her name, Jewish tradition ascribes Noah’s wife’s name as Naamah.

In Hebrew this actually means “pleasing,” “the beautiful” or “the pleasant one.”


Naamah Noah’s Wife
Midrash for toddlers!  This is a beautiful little board book, aimed at children under 5.

Everyone knows what happens in the famous biblical story of Noah – God tells Noah to build a boat and stock it with animals prior to the impending floods.  But what about Noah’s wife?  In this gentle tale, Naamah is given a different instruction by God – she is asked to collect two of every kind of seed from all the plants of the world.   This is a lovely new perspective to an old but much loved story.

With its theme of valuing plants as highly as animals, this is another good children’s book for Tu B’Shevat.

Nondenominational, Nonsectarian
Endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish Religious Leaders
“Walk across the land and gather the seeds of all the flowers and all the trees.

Take two of every kind of living plant….Work quickly.

The rains begin tomorrow.”
From award-winning author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, a new story which lights our spiritual imaginations.
When God tells Noah to bring the animals of the world onto the ark,

God also calls on Naamah, Noah’s wife, to save each plant on Earth.
Entrusted with this task, Naamah sets off to every corner of the world, discovering a fabulous array of growing things,

and gathering seeds, bulbs, cuttings, spores, and roots.

She fills a room on the ark with every type of plant–from amaryllis, soybeans,

and wheat to lilies, moss, and even dandelions.

Then, after 40 long days and nights on the ark, the most important part of Naamah’s work begins.
In this new story, based on an ancient text, Naamah’s wisdom and love for the natural harmony of

the earth inspires us to use our own courage, creativity, and faith to carry out Naamah’s work today.

School of the RaShBA

And know that the kabbalists have written that the woman from the land of Egypt whom his mother(Hagar) took for Ishmael was the daughter of Kasdiel the Egyptian sorcerer.

And when Ishmael (Hagar & Abraham’s son) divorced her, according to the instructions of his father [Abraham], as it is mentioned in the Pesiqta, she was pregnant. And she bore a daughter, and she was Mahalath daughter of Ishmael.

And the mother and the daughter participated in that desert in many sorceries.

And a spirit ruled over it, Igratiel by name.

And that spirit was attracted to Mahalath, who was very beautiful, until she conceived from him and bore a daughter, and called her name Igrat, after the name of the spirit.

And thereafter Mahalath became the wife of Esau, and she left the desert.

Not so her daughter Igrat, for she and Naamah and Lilith and Nega’ rule over the four tequfot [the two solstices and the two equinoxes].

And they said that Lilith fornicates with all men, and Naamah only with the Gentiles, and Nega’ only with Israel, and Igrat is sent out to do harm on the nights preceding the Sabbaths and Wednesdays.

And behold, Lilith is the scant measure that is abomination (Mic. 6:10), which Igrat and Naamah carry to the Land of Shinar, as Zechariah (5:11) said.

And about this it is said to the fearers of God, neither shall any plague [Nega’] come nigh thy tent (Ps 91:10). (Patai81:459f)

Nathan Nata Poira, Tuv haAretz, p 19

Then came two women harlots to King Solomon. They were Lilith and Igrat.

Lilith who strangles children because she cannot make of them a veil for herself to serve as a hiding place for her.

And the second is Igrat.

One night King David slept in the camp in the desert, and Igrat coupled with him in his dream.

And he had emission, and she conceived and bore Adad [king of Edom].

When they asked him, “What is your name?” he said, “Sh’mi Ad, Ad Sh’mi [My name is Ad, Ad is my name],” and they called him Ashm’dai.

He is Ashmodai, king of the demons, who deprived Solomon of his kingship and sat on his throne, and therefore he was of the seed of the king of Edom (1Ki. 11:14), for he came from the side of the kingdom of evil.

These two women strangled the son of the Shunamite woman….

All [the four queens of the demons, Lilith, Igrat, Mahalath and Naamah] and all their cohorts give birth to children,

 except Lilith alone, who does not bear, but is just a fornication in the world…. (Patai81:459)

Meir Arama, Sefer Meir T’hillot, p. 91b

***the part about Lilith not bearing conflicts with everything else found & this is the ONLY place I have found such a statement.***

Know that there are seventy heavenly patrons, one appointed over each nation, and they all are under the rule of Samael and Rahab.

Rahab was given as his share all the borders of Egypt, which measures 400 by 400 parsangs

Samael was given four kingdoms, and in each of them he has a concubine.

The names of his concubines are:

  1. Lilith, whom he took as his consort, and she is the first one;
  2. the second is Naamah;
  3. the third, Even Maskit;
  4. and the fourth, Igrat daughter of Mahalath.

and the four kingdoms are:

  1. first the kingdom of Damascus, in which is found the house of Rimmon;
  2. the second, the kingdom of Tyre, which is opposite the land of Israel;
  3. the third, the kingdom of Malta, which formerly was called Rhodos (?);
  4. and the fourth, the kingdom called Granata [Granada], and some say that it is the kingdom of Ishmael.

And in each of these four kingdoms dwells one of the four aforementioned concubines. (Patai81:460f)

R. Ya’aqov and R. Yitzhaq
**Note in the following passages that there are two different characters that go by the name of Lilith.
This is also present in the Kohen Brothers**

Grandmother Lilith the Great–Samael the great demon and great king over all demons has intercourse with her.

And Ashmodai king of the demons has intercourse with Little Lilith.

The demon whose name is Qaftzefoni, on rare occasions, when permission is granted him, has intercourse with, and attaches himself to, and loves, a creature whose name is Lildtha [Lilith], and she resembles Hagar the Egyptian.

A great jealousy sprang up between Samael the greater prince of all and Ashmodai king of the demons over Lilith who is called Lilith the Maiden, and who has the form of a beautiful woman from the head to the navel, and from the navel down [she is] flaming fire.

Like mother like daughter… And there is no good intention in but only to arouse wars and all kinds of destruction.

And they are occupied with war, the war between Lilith the Daughter, and Grandmother Lilith…. (Patai81:464)

And they say that of the offspring of Ashmodai and Lilith his wife was fashioned a great prince in heaven who rules over eighty thousand destroyers and despoilers, and he is called Sword of Ashmodai the King.

And his face flames like the fire of flame. (Patai81:469)

Moses Cordovero, Pardes Rimmonim 186d

The ancient ones explained that there are two Liliths, one little and one great.

The great one is the spouse of Samael, and she is a woman of harlotry, and the little one is the spouse of Ashmodai.

And about this Lilith, the bride of Samael, the Geonim explained the she controls 480 legions as is the numerical value of her name.

And on the Day of Atonement they go forth into the deserts, they march, and she screeches for she is the princess of screeching.

And Mahalath daughter of Ishmael, she too is a concubine of Samael, and the two [Lilith and Mahalath] go forth with 478 legions.

She goes and sings in the Holy Tongue songs and paens.

And when the two meet on the Day of Atonement they quarrel there in the desert.

They strive, the one with the other, until their voices rise up to heaven, and the earth shakes with their clamor.

And all this is brought about by the Holy One, blessed be He, so that they should not accuse Israel while they [Israel] pray.

And others wrote that that husk [i.e., demoness] is called Meshullahel [Messenger of God], and the reason is that she sends out evil angels.

And we found it written that the wicked Samael and the evil Lilith have the likeness of a couple which, with the intermediacy of a groomsman, receives an emanation of evil and insolence, flowing from the one to the other.

And about this mystery it is written,

And on that day the Lord with His sore and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the Slant Serpent, and Leviathan the Tortuous Serpent, and He will slay the Dragon that is in the sea.” (Isa. 27:1).

Leviathan is the connection and the coupling between the two who have the likeness of serpents.

Therefore it is doubled: the Slant Serpent corresponding to Samael, and the Tortuous Serpent corresponding to Lilith…. (Patai81:464f)

The DragonAbove is the BlindPrince who has the likeness of an intermediary groomsman between Samael and Lilith, and his name is Tanin’iver, BlindDragon. And he is like a blind dragon…and it is he who brings about the adhesion and coupling between Samael and Lilith.

Had he been created whole, in the completeness of his emanation, he would have destroyed the world in one minute. (Patai81:458)

Yalqut R’uveni 147a

And the Kabbalists said that the prince who serves before her is called Sariel [My Prince is God], and they have received the tradition that this prince is the greatest king of the demons who rule in the air.

In the middle of the night of Yom Kippur [Day of Atonement], forced by the acts of the sages and elders, Sariel comes against his will, together with 131 warriors, flying in the air, and their faces are aflame with sparks of fire.

And the scribe whose name is Pifiron brings, written and sealed by the hand of Sariel, all the secrets of the firmament, and reveals them to the elders.

  And from the emanation of Lilith’s prince come spirits and demons and Lilin,

and evil spirits who have the likeness of humans. 

  And just as all that time Adam was separated from Eve he begot spirits and demons and Lilin and all kinds of harmful spirits, likewise Above, so to speak, a spirit of spiritual seduction emerged from Lilith and brought accusations against the attribute of the Foundation of the World.

And from that time on alien and evil cohorts were born, destroyers of the world of Above and of Below.

 And the Holy Seed had no power to materialize, except in two or three persons such as Seth, Enoch, Metushelah, Noah, Sem and Eber, but most of the world were idolaters. (Patai81:467)

Bacharach, ‘Emeq haMelekh, 179d-180a

The Lilin multiply like humans, eat and drink and die. And they are from the six earths which lie beneath us.

And Lilith came against the will of Adam and became hot from him.

And they [the inhabitants of Adama, the second from below of the seven earths] are always sad, full of sorrow and sighs, and there is no joy at all among them. And those cohorts can fly up from there to this world on which we stand, and they become harmful demons.

And then they return there and offer prayers to God, the Creator of the world…. (Patai81:469)

The author identifies the “two women” mentioned by Zechariah with Igrat and Naamah, just as he identifies “Wickedness” with Lilith. [Patai, n. 11]
Zechariah 5:5-11 reads:

   Then the angel who talked with me came forward and said to me,

“Look up and see what this is that is coming out.”

   I said, “What is it?”

   He said, “This is a basket coming out.”

And he said, “This is their iniquity in all the land.”

Then a leaden cover was lifted, and there was a woman sitting in the basket!

And he said, “This is Wickedness.” So he thrust her back into the basket, and pressed the leaden weight down on its mouth.

   Then I looked up and saw two women coming forward.

The wind was in their wings; they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between earth and sky.

Then I said to the angel who talked with me, “Where are they taking the basket?”

   He said to me, “To the land of Shinar, to build a house for it; and when this is prepared, they will set the basket down there on its base.” [NRSV]


I’m sure I have missed some of the information, but as ALWAYS, if you have doubts, questions or wish to know more, PLEASE do your OWN research.

In Part 3- we will be going over information on Adam & Eve…

As Samael is mentioned so prominently in all of these searches, I may include a part 4 with information on him, we’ll see.

Thank you for joining me on this search for knowledge. See you next time … April~Lady Kira


  • Naaman is the masculine version of the name; a Syrian army commander by this name appears in the Book of Kings.
  • “Invocation of Naamah” is a song from Swedish symphonic metal band Therion.
  • Bible, New International Version. Retrieved on 2007-08-08.

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Naamah’s Curse Book

Naamah’s Blessing (Naamah) Book

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