The Twelve Principles of Clarity

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The Twelve Principles of Clarity

A brief explanation


The Principles are something that one strives for, to the best of one’s ability. 

Progress, not perfection.

None of these is a stick to beat your neighbor with. 

The Principles should be approached humbly, and only shown to others with the deepest compassion. 

How closely or loosely anyone holds any of the Principles is a matter between them and the Gods.

For more detail on the principles, read the monastic descriptions of them.


1. I will maintain purity of body. 

Take care to maintain the heath of the body.

Give it what it needs and avoid what harms it. Listen to your body. 

Make as much of a effort as you can, given your means, to keep from ingesting the 

pollutants of modern industry and agribusiness.


2. I will maintain simplicity in my possessions.

Avoid rampant consumerism. 

Buy what you need and keep it simple. 

If you buy something new when your old one is still perfectly serviceable, find a good home for the old one.


If you buy for pleasure, make sure that it is something that will continue to give you pleasure for a long time.


3. I will maintain clarity of speech. 

Playing games with words, euphemizing, not saying what one means, these are 

roads to misunderstanding.


4. I will strive to live sustainably on the Earth.

Gaia is sacred. Treat her as such.


5. I will place no commitment of the heart above my commitment to my path. 

Maintaining loving relationships is important, but when those relationships interfere 

with living rightly according to your spiritual path they need to be carefully examined.

No matter how much you love someone, sacrificing your own soul for others is never the right answer. 

The exception is for minor children, who are dependent on you until they are grown.


6. I will commit only to honorable work. 

No matter what your work is, do it in a way that you can be proud of. 

One’s job should contribute more aid to the world than it causes harm.

It should not create artificial needs, nor pollute unduly.


7. I will maintain clarity in my relationships. 

Lying to those close to you is never a good idea. 

Neither is lying to yourself about them. 

Be honest with your loved ones, even when it is hard.


8. I will strive for purity in my sexuality. 

This does not mean celibacy, or restrictions on any specific sexual act between consenting adults.

A pure expression of sexual desire is healthy when done with mindfulness of the consequences, 

both practical and emotional. 

Unhealthy sex is not about the particular act or partner, but its effect on the people involved.


9. I will sustain clarity of faith. 

The Gods are real, not mere archetypes or psychological inventions. 

This faith of ours is a living faith, not a fantasized security blanket. 

The codes we live by are not merely a nice idea. 

Believe it.


10. I will submit humbly to honorable authority. 

The keyword here is honorable. 

Hold your leaders to high standards, but don’t let your issues with past bad authority 

make you react reflexively to them as if they were the tyrants of your past.


11. I will maintain loyalty to the endurance of my community. 

Our tribes are our sustenance. 

When you find the right one, support it, don’t cut it down or expect it to treat you like a child.


12. I will strive always for mindfulness and clarity of soul. 

We are constantly working to come to a clearer understanding of ourselves, 

and to strip away our dearly held illusions. 

Know yourself. 

Question why you do the things you do, 

and challenge yourself to change for the better.


[Order of the Horae]


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