How To Tan A Hide 101 (Several Different Methods)

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How To Tan A Hide 101 (Several Different Methods)



Details several ways to tan a hide. Excellent information for novices and seasoned hunters.


Foxfire Book 3; Chapter 2 Hide Tanning

This was obviously many years before Al Gore invented the internet, so back then, the only source of information at that time was our World Book encyclopedia set, the Golden Book Encyclopedia of Natural Science (1962; I still have that set today) and the public library.  I had to hustle too, because I didn’t know what to do with the skins, except to stretch and tack them to plywood.  My father told me to remove all the excess meat and tissue from the skins and to spread a little pickling salt on them.  Luckily, that was enough to hold them until I discovered the Foxfire books at the library the next day.

Foxfire was started as a class project in 1966 as students from northern Georgia interviewed elders and retold their stories about how they lived (self sufficiently) in the Southern Appalachians.  They had enough stories to produced a magazine, which later was turned into the book series.  There is also a Foxfire museum and non-profit organization.  The name “Foxfire” comes the local name for a bioluminescent (glows in the dark) fungus that grows in the region.

READ More Here: How To Tan A Hide Using Several Methods.



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