Homemade Valentine’s Day Mints by Emily

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Homemade Valentine’s Day Mints

By Emily

I had a vision of mints the other day.

Cute, mini, glittery, heart mints for Valentine’s Day. They are so much better than those conversation hearts.

First you need a teeny tiny heart cookie cutter (I used this mini heart fondant cutterir) or you could use a mini heart mold.

I believe using a mold is the typical way to make mints.. but I didn’t have one so I improvised. This way works just fine!


For these hearts you can use a basic mint or cream cheese mint recipe.

You first mix 2 Tbs softened butter, 1 Tbs Crisco, 1-2 tsp Peppermint Extract and 1/2 pound of powdered sugar.

It should be clumpy.

Add 1 Tbs hot water at a time (usually around 2-3 Tbs hot water total) until the mixture can easily be rolled into a ball without being too sticky.

If you want to make different colored or flavored mints, separate your mixture and add your desired food coloring or flavor.

Roll each color into a ball and place on a cutting board with powdered sugar. Roll out each ball flat until it reaches about 1/4 inch.


You want to wait about 10-15 minutes before you cut out your hearts or they will be too soft to handle.

Make sure you dip your cookie cutter in powdered sugar.

The trick to not get the hearts stuck in the cookie cutter is to press down quick and hard. If the mint gets stuck in the cutter, either wait a few minutes longer before continuing or just tap the cookie cutter on the cutting board until your mint comes out.


These are chocolate mints. I added a bit of cocoa powder to the mixture.


You want to then wait another 10-15 minutes after you’ve cut out your hearts. This makes it super easy to remove the surrounding dough and your hearts will come right out.

If you want to add Edible Glitter now’s the time. Then place your mints on a cookie sheet and leave out for a few hours.

Then share with your friends and family! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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