The Seven Wonders

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The Seven Wonders

 What are the seven wonders?

These seven Wonders are not referring to the Seven Wonders of the World, but are a different set that are no less important when studying some forms of Magick.
The short answer is

  1. Pyrokinesis– The short answer is the psychic ability to create and control fire.
  2. Descensum– this is the ability to travel to the underworld and to come back. Think of it as a soul guide being able to travel to your very core.
  3. Vitalum Vitalis– this is the ability to heal and more importantly The ability to bring the dead back to life.
  4. Divination– This is the psychic ability to see into the future or to see events that happened in a different time continuum. This is the practice of using signs or symbols and having the insight and intuition to discover hidden omens with the aid of the divine.
  5. Transmutation– this is the ability to convert one element into another and the conversion to change oneself into another species.
  6. Concilium– this has to do with theology specifically of the Catholic religion. It also has to do with being a Council member and being able to give direction to its members.
  7. Telekinesis– this is the ability to move an object or a person. It can be in the form of levitating or teleporting.

These are the simplest explanations. Of course if you’re interested in any of these practices you may want to consider doing some research.

You may have heard mention of “Magicks & Ceremonies” by Jeanyne Bezoir, as being a hard-to-find book, but it is still available, and cover in detail the seven wonders listed above. This book Bridges the practices of Cabalistic Ceremonial High Magic and Hawaiian Huna.

You may obtain a copy from at the following link.

Magicks and Ceremonyes – A Professional Necromancer’s Practical Guide

Paperback – January 1, 1972

by Jeanyne (Author)

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Lancer; First Edition edition (1972)
  • ASIN: B000VENZ5M

    Wayne L Chonicki  has just reviewed the 2nd Edition printing of the following book, and although you might not follow the Western European Druidic tradition, this book is FAR more encompassing than One might assume from the title.

    From personal life experiences I will attest to the authenticity of this Druid’s experiences and the wisdom intrinsic to them. ~ As you may know, I attest to four broad levels of Magical workings… this WILL provide guidance in the lesser levels and is an EXCELLENT ‘Cliff’s Notes’ to the power and beauty capable of the Third ~ B:.B:. Master Aris Theorion, Mage E.a.L., N:.F:.O:.E:. has this book also (click the picture to go to the page for this book)



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