Eagle–Totem Symbolism

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Trust in your higher self.

Your connection to spirit is very strong right now.



When Eagle comes flying into your life:
  • It is time to reconnect with your spiritual path.
  • It’s time to listen too and heed your spiritual directives as well as your heart and to allow them both to lead the way for you at this time.
  • When you can find yourself in this state of flight then all the doors will open and the directions you need to follow will be made clear.
  • Like a beacon – your heart will follow the light.


Symbol of Spiritual Energy, freedom, power

  • The eagle is revered as sacred.
  • Living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence – high-soaring eagles are believed to touch the face of God.
  • Eagle feathers are a symbol of power and healing.
  • The eagle teaches us to remain connected to our spiritual realms.
  • Eagles have excellent vision – they inspire true insight that will bring us to a more spiritual place in the universe.
  • It is also said to offer protection from bad energy. The eagle is the symbol of higher spiritual energy.
  • The eagle also teaches us about patience, perched in a tree for hours on end.
  • An eagle totem will guide you to courage, keen vision, connection with a greater spiritual energy, and the freedom this will bring.


Additional Associations for Eagle:
  • Creation
  • Healing
  • Illumination of spirit
  • Stronger and quicker in actions
  • Responsibility
  • Keen sight
  • Knowledge of magic
  • Ability to see hidden spiritual truths
  • Ability to see the overall pattern
  • Dignity with Grace
  • Grace achieved through knowledge and hard work
  • Respect for Boundaries
  • Intuitive and creative spirit
  • Connection to Spirit Guides and Teachers
BaldEagle    white-tailed-eagle-3029 
If Eagle is your Animal Totem:

When Eagle is a part of who you are you carry the symbol of air, but have strong legs to walk on the earth and often live near the water for food. Through these qualities you can be guided to balance in all dimensions and achieve inner-growth. As you soar to spiritual awareness, you will remain well grounded in reality and can purify yourself with cleansing waters.

If Eagle has soared into your dreams:

If the Eagle is perched and looking at you it brings a message of self-examination and introspection. Meditate and look within.

If Eagle takes to flight it may symbolize your ability to rise above your current problems or position.

If the Eagle soars above it can be a symbol of your higher consciousness, or higher powers communicating to you, listen carefully to your intuition.

To dream of two eagles mating means that you have attained the spiritual goal you have been striving for. Your hard work has paid off.

If the Eagle is diving in, or consuming a kill, it may be a portent of danger or ruthlessness. Do not step on others to achieve your goals, and be warned that someone in your life may be willing to step on you to achieve theirs.


People with Eagle Totem are…

  • Wise
  • Loyal
  • Courageous
  • Faithful
  • Free Spirited
  • Independent
  • Insightful
  • Powerful
  • Leaders

The symbolism of the eagle is air, but it has strong legs to walk on the earth and often lives near the water for food. Through these qualities, people with this totem can be guided to balance in all dimensions and achieve inner-growth.  As they soar to spiritual awareness, they remain well grounded in reality and can purify themselves with cleansing waters.

In Native American culture the feather of Eagle was powerful medicine and symbolized courage and strength, they were given as great prizes. Great leaders often wore headdresses that stretched all the way to the ground with these powerful symbols, and Eagles were seen as King of the Birds. Don’t let this symbolism of leadership go to your head however, as chieftains were always first concerned with the welfare of their tribes.

As messengers of the heavens, or spirits that are connected with higher powers, people with Eagle medicine are often very wise. This quality is a gift of vision and clarity that should be used to help others through dark and troubling times. One who seeks the meaning of the eagle spirit views situations and other people from a broad perspective for better understanding just as the eagle guide sees the world from a its great height.

With wisdom comes responsibility. Eagles have sharp beaks and strong jaws that can slice through prey and crack bones, this is symbolism that people with this power animal need to mind their words and how they affect others; to speak kindly without sharp rancor.

People with this medicine also need to take care and not become aloof, don’t stay too long in the clouds, or sit always perched above those around you. Instead, remember the message of balance and be aware that food and water is upon the ground.

Eagle’s Message: Defeat your fears and see beyond the horizon. Have faith in your purpose and see how all things, good and bad, fit into the picture of your life.



bald_eagle-normal     Wedge_tailed_eagle_in_flight03 


Long revered by a multitude of cultures, the Eagle symbolizes courage, strong foundations that lead to new heights, and a sense of adventure. Eagles have a strong and powerful build that allows them to fly faster than most other predatory birds. They are known for their keen eyesight that allows them to be fierce and capable hunters. Eagle people are seen as visionaries, those who are seekers and who are willing to push the limits of self-discovery and personal freedom.

Personal Reflection…

When Eagle appears to you it means that you are being put on notice. Eagle totems appear to inspire (push) you to reach higher and become more than you think you are capable of. They tell you to be courageous and really stretch your limits and see what you can do. They bring a sense of courage and a desire to explore and grow.


Eagles-Photos-2012 01


Eagle Symbolism in Dreams:

To see an Eagle in your dreams can be symbolic of several different things.

If the Eagle is perched and looking at you it brings a message of self-examination and introspection. Meditate and look within.

If Eagle takes to flight it may symbolize your ability to rise, or be lifted out of a situation or depression.

If the Eagle soars above it can be symbolism of your higher consciousness, or higher powers communicating to you, listen carefully to your intuition.

If the Eagle is diving in, or consuming a kill, it may be symbolism of a portent of danger or ruthlessness. Do not step on others to achieve your goals, and be warned that someone in your life may be willing to step on you to achieve theirs.

To dream of a flying eagle or one who is perched high signifies good fortune or victory coming your way.

If it scares you or attacks you it means there are some self-imposed limitations you need to push through.



Eagles hunt with sight and sound, seeing eight times greater than humans because their eyes are closer to the front of their head. Their incredible sight and hearing makes them good at feeding themselves from the land while flying at great heights.

They use their feathers as little winglets to reduce turbulence which increases lift. Eagles use their back talons to kill small prey while using their front three to grasp the prey securely. Their sharp beaks cut and tear while using their strong jaw muscles to crush their prey.

Both male and female eagles incubate the eggs. If humans encroach on an Eagles’ nest or touch the eggs or nest, the Eagle will likely abandon them.

Native Americans send their prayers to Eagle, so as he rises above the chaos to meet the Creator and return, he will return with a vision for the people. Hence their feathers are considered great aids making spiritual contact in prayer with Eagle.

Eagle shows us that people with high ideals need to be able to spread their wings so they can reach for the stars. Eagle brings the gift of clarity of vision. As long as we follow our intuition we will be heading in the right direction.


BaldEagle2Eagle 5eagle


Eagle Symbolism – Meaning and Totem

Eagle Spirit Symbolism: Strength, Courage, Prestige, Spirit, Wisdom, Loyalty Balance, Meditation, Healing, Faith, Connection with Higher Power, Freedom, Awareness, Perspective, Insight

Eagle Meaning and Medicine: If the Eagle totem has entered your life recently take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following messages and symbolism:

  • Loyalty, Balance: Do you feel cast about on turbulent winds, are you shouldering too much responsibility? To many Native American tribes, the wings of Eagle Spirit are symbolism for balance, both male and female. Eagles are monogamous and share the responsibility of raising their young equally. If the Eagle totem has shown itself to you, consider that your responsibilities may be out of balance. Stop and take some time with your significant other, loved ones, or even coworkers and make sure that everyone is doing their part. This may be a good opportunity for you to renegotiate and balance your obligations.
  • Healing, Faith: Are you or a loved one ill, do you feel lost or alone? The feathers of an Eagle guide are viewed as powerful medicine, and carry symbolic meaning, they were used in many healing rituals. The appearance of eagle symbolism may be a portent of healing that is to come. Look to the sky above and know that the Eagle totem carries your prayer for recovery, whether emotional or physical, to the heavens. Stay strong and courageous and trust that the message of your intent will take wing.
  • Meditation, Perspective: Have your life purpose or goals become clouded, do you feel bound to the earth and unable to see over the horizon? Eagles can be seen at perch for hours at a time, deep in contemplative meditation. The Eagle Totem teaches how to master the art of patience and how to move through life without material attachments, they symbolize perspective with clarity. From their high perches and from soaring in the sky the Eagle totem can see life in its entirety, both the good and the bad. This clarity means we should regard both positive and negative events as experiences that can serve a higher purpose and help to develop the self. The perspective that the Eagle symbolism brings allows us to see through situations and see the true meaning that is beneath.
  • Spirit, Connection: Do you feel disconnected from your spiritual self, do you feel as if a higher power or guide is trying to speak to you? Many cultures, including Greco/Roman, and Native American, viewed the Eagle as the messenger of the heavens. This majestic totem touches the heavens with its wings and speaks directly to the powers that be. If the Eagle totem has flown into your life it may be to impart the courage to strive for greater heights of spirituality.  The power of the eagle, requires trust in divine leadership and only by examining this power animal’s strength of soul can a person acquire the meaning and symbolism of the eagle.
  • Freedom: Do you feel stifled and suppressed, do you feel a call or itch to be unburdened and free? Eagles often have home territories that can range in the thousands of acres. In most acts of life Eagle spirits are solitary and independent creatures, and bring with them this symbolsim. Freedom is vital to the survival of eagle symbolism and this teaches us that all people must be free to choose their own paths and to respect the freedom of others. Remember that inside of you is a unique and independent spirit, allow yourself to be guided and reclaim this strength and shrug off the everyday burdens that keep you from flying free.


eagle4_0Golden Eaglegreat golden eagle is coming in for a landing


Cultural Eagle Symbolism:

  • Native American: In Native American lore eagles are represented in numerous artifacts and legends. It is sometimes referred to as the Thunderbird and is present throughout North American Indian legends. Its feathers were given as great prizes, and some tribes considered it to be the Great Spirit itself. It was said that if you saw an eagle while you were praying or participating in a ceremony, your prayers would be answered. Some tribes believed that the eagle carried prayers directly to the great creator and so used their feathers in a great number of healing ceremonies.


  • Celtic: In Celtic and Gaelic cultures Eagles were often depicted as protectors, symbolized courage, and were revered for their powers of sight. Two Eagles are said to protect the tomb of King Arthur, and Eagles are sometimes associated with the Death God Beli.


  • Greek:  The Eagle is often depicted as Zeus’s carrier of thunder and was thought to be the only bird that lived on Mt. Olympus. It is depicted as a symbol of leadership, and fertility. In one myth Zeus is said to have transformed into an Eagle and swooped down to Earth to catch the subject of his desire.


  • Chinese: Symbolism of strength, an eagle shown perched in a pine-tree is a suitable gift for an older man, wishing him strength of an Eagle and longevity of a pine-tree. An eagle on a rock in the sea symbolizes a Hero who fights a lone battle.


  • Christian: There is great number of references, both positive and negative, to Eagles in Christian literature. Eagles have been associated directly with Christ and his ascension, contemplation and prayer, exceeding ones bounds or flying too high, with rejuvenation, and with Satan.
  1. Because of the swiftness of the eagle’s flight, both the eagle and its wings have been used to emphasize the speed of attacking armies and of God (Deu 28:49; Dan 4:19-37; Jer 49:22; Ezek 17:3-7; Hosea 8:1; Hab 1:8; Jer 4:13; Lam 4:19).
  2. During the Exodus, God bore Israel safely away from the Egyptians upon eagle’s wings (Exo 19:4).
  3. The early Judean church was granted the “wings of a great eagle” to flee from the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. (Rev 12:14; Mt 24:15-28; Dan 9:27).
  4. Saul and Jonathan were “swifter than eagles” (2 Sam 1:23).
  5. Job’s days passed so swiftly and brought such terrors, they were “like an eagle swooping on its prey” (Job 9:26).
  6. Riches, too, made themselves wings with which they were wont to “fly away like an eagle toward heaven” (Prov 23:5).


The-Bald-Eagle     two-bald-eagles-wallpapers_12026_1600x1200


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    i live outside of washington, dc, in a place called reston, in virginia. i looked up at the sky as i was walking my dog yesterday. i was within fifty yards of a fairly good-sized pond in our community and looked up in to a clear, afternoon sky.

    what i saw next was absolutely astounding! i saw the hugest bird and thought at first it was the great blue heron we often see traveling back and forth between the lakes and ponds in our area…

    but, the proportions weren’t right. a hawk? no…too big…

    upon closer observation, i was able to clearly make out that it was an american bald eagle! the white feathered head and tail were unmistakable! since i was standing outside with my dog, i knew i wasn’t dreaming. its wing span was nearly a yard—simply amazing!

    and, it was carrying prey! it appeared to be a good-sized rodent. bigger than a rat. an opossum? i couldn’t make that out but the tail was longish, and thin.

    the eagle was flying directly toward me, at an altitude of about 60ft, and then veered to its right, into the heavily treed area surrounding the pond.

    i have never heard of eagles being in this area before!

    my sister, who is a student of shamanism, recommended i go online and look this up as a spiritual sign, or totem. i really know nothing of such things abut very interested in your thoughts and interpretation.

    please let me know! and, thank you in advance!

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