She’s coming into her power…

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She’s coming into her power…

shared by Source of the earth on FB

She is focused on a clear direction now, no “ifs or buts,”

because she finally knows what works for her inside,

and outside naturally conforms when she follows that.

She will no longer settle for less through her own fear or lack of effort.

Gone is the “Damsel in distress”.


She’s figured out that true power is taking responsibility for everything that shows up in her life…

She realizes that she was giving away her power in the past by making excuses,

playing the victim and being far too dependent on others.

She trapped herself as a result,

She’s no longer willing to do that.


She’s not afraid to speak up and create her boundaries,

She says it like she sees it and needs it and she says it without any underlying angst or apology.

She’s simply straightforward and others have no need to take offense because there is nothing there

for their own insecurity to hook into….

They simply accept it and respect her for it.


Through focusing on what she wants and being organized about it,

she’s in her flow of power and is no longer fighting against the waves of karma from the past or struggling to

find her air in the controlling hands of others.


She knows her limitations and delegates what she cannot do or feels is unnecessary for her to do…

She’s not willing to exhaust herself to prove anything,

She’s become skilled at her own energy conservation.

This frees her to excel in what she can do and enjoys doing.


She’s choosing a peaceful, gentle life fueled by the fire of her creativity and she leaves her door open

expectantly for adventure, spontaneity and high romance.

Naturally they answer her call and show up on her doorstep.

she knows how to call in her magic and make it work for her.

a big part of her secret is to simplify, release the clutter on every level and lighten up her life…

She has let go of a lot but she misses none of it because in their place she has found her clarity and balance.


These days her social interactions feed her rather than drain her…

As a result she has energy to be present for others when she is needed and it never feels burdensome.

Her clarity enables theirs.

More often than not, there is a smile on her face and she is relaxed and happy.

She’s loving her life and her life is loving her back.

© Caroline de Lisser


Shared via: Source of the Earth on Facebook


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