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  • symbol of perseverance,
  • home,
  • security,
  • fertility,
  • maternal instincts

Pigeon can teach us how to find our way back to the security of home.
It can help you remember and find the love of home that was lost.


This totem carries with it a strong lesson in the use of your own senses to find your way to the stabilities that home represent.

He teaches us to remember home life for answers and the importance of family communication with a sense of togetherness.

Pigeon shows how to bring peace, love and understanding to situations and teaches us the art of communication and cooperation.

If a Pigeon totem comes to you, ask yourself if you have forgotten your foundation, your heritage.

Return to your home, your foundation, and draw upon the loving energies surrounding them.

In times of strife, huddle together with your family and draw upon its strength.

Pigeon reminds us of the possibility of a loving and safe home.

The Pigeon is well known for its ability to always find its way.


Is it time to call a family member or take a trip home?

Are you listening to the hints of family members?

Are you compassionate toward others?

Perhaps it is a time for forgiveness?

It is a time to express appreciation and gratitude of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and parents for family brings us unconditional sense of belonging.


Seeing a pigeon can be a message to check in with family members to see if all is well.

Pigeon also serves as a reminder that we come from a clan and are not alone. when it comes to family guidance, nothing beats the Pigeon.

Pigeons are adamant nurturers of their young and while they may appear to be harsh at times, they are always near, providing safety and security if their young should become vulnerable to dangers.  As a family group; the pigeon likes roosting with others and as a family they will stay quite close and in near constant contact.


  • Pigeon comes to teach us how to find our way home again;
  • he is the foundation of the family, the nurturer, protector and teacher that provides for the young in every way that is necessary.
  • He helps us to return to our roots, using them to keep clarity and focus.
  • He guides us in learning how to harness the energies of our home and family in order to get through the tough times and find our way again. 
  • With pigeon in charge, we won’t be lost and vulnerable for very long. 
  • He shows the value of family strength, stability and how to utilize it properly. 
  • From Pigeon we also learn to set and work towards our goals in life; to focus and persevere through anything.


If you have Pigeon as your totem, you may have experienced a difficult childhood, constantly being challenged to find security and a clearer understanding of difficult situations and events that you’ve experienced. 

  • Pigeon helps you to find more stability within the home life that gives you what you may have missed in the past.
  • Pigeon’s medicine is the ability to become and stay attuned with nature;
  • to stay focused on where we want to be instead of how we are going to get there. 
  • He hones our sensitivities and vision in order to help us to achieve our goals in life.

Pigeon’s natural homing abilities remind us that we need to stay in contact with family and friends no matter how far away we are from them; that this foundation can carry us through even the toughest of times in our lives.  That home is our safe place and that we all come from a clan and heritage is important to who we are and who we eventually become; we are never really alone, nor are those whom you love and care for, every day.


Pigeon people are often protective and nurturing of family and friends and will watch your back because like the birds, they tend to prefer a 360 degree view of situations, at all times. 

They have an instinctive tendency to look to their ancestry or heritage in order to really learn more about themselves, which is why many become genealogists. 


The pigeon is an unusual bird. Although most people think of it as a pest in the city environment, it has very unique characteristics.

It is also tied to very gentle and loving archetypal energies.

Today the word “dove” and “pigeon” are used interchangeably.

Although there is a difference, the two species are related.

It would be wise for anyone with a pigeon as a totem to study the characteristics of the dove as well.


The real name of Christopher Columbus was “Colombo” which is the Italian word for “pigeon.”

Columbus helped discover a new home.

The pigeon also has an extraordinary homing sense. It knows how to find its way back home, no matter how far it has gone.

It is because of this that they often are symbols for a time or a need to return to the security of home.

  • Pigeons can teach us how to find our way back when we are lost.
  • They help us to remember and find the love of home and home life that we have either given up or lost.
  • They are the only bird that can drink by sucking up water into their beaks. This reflects that ability to draw on the energies of home, no matter how distant.
  • They are reminders to us to remember that which has positively affected us from our early home life.
  1. Have we forgotten who we are?
  2. Are we falling into old patterns we vowed to remember and change?
  3. Have we forgotten our basic foundations, the heritage we have had passed on to us through home and family? This includes the morals, the behaviors, the attitudes, etc.

Draw upon them and use them.

Because they breed rapidly and publicly, pigeons came to be sacred symbols for fertility gods and goddesses.

They reflect the fertility of home and family that can occur when they are around.

Pigeons will huddle together during a storm.

If there are storms in your life, huddle with your family–biological or otherwise.

There will be safety and security in that activity.

Remember that pigeons remind us of the possibilities, real and ideal, associated with home and family.

The pigeon thinks of the home as a safe haven.


RingneckTangerineWBDo_P1108Squatter_Pigeons_Cement_MillsthVienna_highflierYoung Pigeons


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