$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit | House & Fig

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$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit | House & Fig.


Happy weekend to you. Yesterday Joe and I wanted to do a fun and quick project for the house. We thought a firepit would be fun but didn’t like the looks of the ones sold at Home Depot and this geometric firepit at DWR is out of our budget. Eventually, Joe will design his own and fabricate it himself but since that will take a fair amount of time and energy we decided to make something quick in the interim.


A few years ago while on a trip to Joshua Tree Joe’s friend Jens introduced him to the washing machine drum firepit. It’s a super-easy project and the design of the washing machine drum is perfect for a fire. Its small holes around the drum not only allow for oxygen flow to the fire but also make for a pretty light show. Joe added some welded feet to ours and painted it black but if you omit the extra features you can make this in an hour or less. It couldn’t be easier. Click the link for instructions.

Another tip by Misty Wilfer

We made one a couple years ago but we used front load only tub because they are stainless steel and will not rust through and we took the pully that’s was behind the tub out turned it upside down and made it into the base, drill holes to drain water, oh and unlike I did, break off plastic tabs before lighting your first fire or you end up with a mess on the patio lol



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