Q & A: Fast Load Times/Browser Compatibility Issues

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Fast Load Times/Browser Compatibility Issues


  1.  Do you use a special tweak or program to speed up your load times?
  2. How do I make my blog loadable on mobile devices?
  3. Having Issues with Internet Explorer loading your blog


  1. No I do not use anything special to help my blog load faster. I do however check whatever theme I am thinking of using to see how fast it loads on my laptop and then click the icons at the bottom to see what it does on tablet & mobile. If it loads slowly on my laptop then there’s a good chance it will do the same on other devices or not load at all. I also keep in mind that there are still those who must use a Dial Up connection for their internet access and try to limit the number of graphics, pictures or videos that must load for them to see the page.
  2.  There is a setting here on wordpress that you can choose if you would like your blog to be accessible to mobile phones. All you have to do is turn it on and follow the directions provided.
  3. Issues with Internet Explorer – Although I do use the Microsoft Live Writer to compose the majority of my research blogs, I no longer use Internet explorer as my main browser. I use Firefox, However, Microsoft has stated that with the new release of their programming (coming soon) there will ALSO be a New Browser that is suppose to fix many of the issues people are having with Internet Explorer.





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