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Questions & Answers « Galaxy Dreams.


Q & A: Fast Load Times/Browser Compatibility Issues

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Fast Load Times/Browser Compatibility Issues


  1.  Do you use a special tweak or program to speed up your load times?
  2. How do I make my blog loadable on mobile devices?
  3. Having Issues with Internet Explorer loading your blog


  1. No I do not use anything special to help my blog load faster. I do however check whatever theme I am thinking of using to see how fast it loads on my laptop and then click the icons at the bottom to see what it does on tablet & mobile. If it loads slowly on my laptop then there’s a good chance it will do the same on other devices or not load at all. I also keep in mind that there are still those who must use a Dial Up connection for their internet access and try to limit the number of graphics, pictures or videos that must load for them to see the page.
  2.  There is a setting here on wordpress that you can choose if you would like your blog to be accessible to mobile phones. All you have to do is turn it on and follow the directions provided.
  3. Issues with Internet Explorer – Although I do use the Microsoft Live Writer to compose the majority of my research blogs, I no longer use Internet explorer as my main browser. I use Firefox, However, Microsoft has stated that with the new release of their programming (coming soon) there will ALSO be a New Browser that is suppose to fix many of the issues people are having with Internet Explorer.




Q & A – Themes & Appearance

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Themes & Appearance


  1. Do you make, buy, or have someone design your theme?
  2. Where do I get a theme like yours .. etc?


I use the pre-made themes offered here on WordPress but sometimes I do add my own Headers or customize the theme just a little. There are plenty of FREE themes available so you do not have to purchase one unless you wish to.

You can find the themes from your dashboard here on WordPress.. scroll down the list on the LEFT side to Appearance, hover over it then scroll to the right top where it says Themes.

Unusual Discovery Of Ancient Egyptian Mummy Still Wearing Jewels – MessageToEagle.com

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Unusual Discovery Of Ancient Egyptian Mummy Still Wearing Jewels – MessageToEagle.com.

For almost four millennia the “Lady of the Jewels” has eluded tomb raiders. Now, when archaeologists were cleaning and restoring several tombs in the necropolis below the temple of Pharaoh Thutmosis III (1490-1436 B.C.), on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, southern Egypt they unearthed a female mummy still wearing her jewels.


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Here’s some of the best home remedies for mosquito bites!

Because it’s summer & some of you just happen to be highly allergic to most insect bites, I hope these work well for you. Many of these remedies are also effective for cases of itchy skin or rashes.

Use these folk cures for bee stings, chigger bites, spider bites, flea bites, horse fly bites and even bed bug bites!

My first and favorite for insect bite relief is one I just learned recently and believe me, it works!

PLANTAIN – This short, broadleaf weed is common throughout North America and you’ve probably even tried to eradicate from your yard but it has many amazing healing properties including a remedy for insect bites.


It’s simple and very handy when your working in the yard, camping or doing anything outside!

Pick a leaf or two and chew them up a bit. Rub into the bite and hold it there several minutes. You can use a band-aid to hold it in place. You just made a plantain poultice! The itching will continue a while but before long you’ll forget it was there. This has worked on deer fly bites that usually make you miserable for a week or more!

If you have something against chewing a weed put some of your saliva on the bite then crush and roll the leaves in your hands and apply.

NOTE: Plantain is actually good for you but make sure you’re picking in an area that hasn’t been sprayed with any type of chemical. For this reason don’t pick near roadsides!

Here’s a list of other insect bite remedies. They work in the same way as the plantain but without the need to chew.

  • RAW ONION – Hold a raw onion poultice on a bite or sting for several minutes. Works amazingly fast and great home remedy for bee stings too!
  • LAVENDER – Pure, organic lavender essential oil applied directly to the bite or sting will bring relief.
  • ‘CLEAN’ MUD – Apply mud and let dry. No need to cover.
  • VINEGAR – Apply often.
  • BAKING SODA – Make a paste with baking soda & water.
  • ECHINACEA TINCTURE – Apply directly to bite or sting. It has both antiseptic and numbing properties. Echinacea was the original snake-bite remedy before its fame at fighting colds. For snake bites it was used both internally and externally. Pack some in your travel kit for bed bug and mosquito bites remedies!
  • OSHA ROOT TINCTURE – Another super tincture for any kind of bite or contact dermatitis.
  • OIL OF OREGANO – Oil of Oregano, when used topically, can reduce inflammation and the itch. It was actually used as an anti-venom for serious bites long before modern medicine!
  • BATH – If you are covered in bites try soaking in the tub with 2 cups of epsom salt or two cups of vinegar.

These natural insect bite remedies work on many types of bites and also many rashes.
Give one or two a try!


Insect bite remedies are not the only thing VINEGAR is good for!
NATURAL SUNBURN REMEDIES that help prevent pain and peeling!

Solar Glass Orbs Are Super Efficient Energy Generators

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These Solar Glass Orbs Are Super Efficient Energy Generators

Rawlemon is a perfectly spherical glass ball designed by the German architect Andre Broessel and its aim is to make solar power more efficient and less expensive. Broessel wants this type of technology to be available to everyone, no matter where they are.

“Our product is democratic,” he says. “Imagine, we are conceiving autonomous products able to concentrate the light even during a cloudy day, which are generating sun powered energy wherever you are in the world. Energy for free.”

What is truly amazing about Rawlemon is that it works just as efficiently at night as it does during the day, thanks to the fact that it can harvest moonlight, as well as the sun on a cloudy day. It works because its globe is filled with water that magnifies the sun’s rays by more than 10,000 times. The photovoltaic panels are situated directly below the sphere where the magnified rays can hit them.

The theory behind this design is not a new one, with ball lenses being a mechanism that has been known for a number of centuries. Yet Broessel has created a micro-tracker so that Rawlemon can follow the course of the sun, tilt the panels and efficiently capture more of the sun’s rays. The tracker, along with the ball lens, makes Rawlemon 70 percent more efficient than a standard solar panel, which normally can only lay in a static position.

It might be some time before we this technology on a domestic level though because as Broessel explains, manufacturing and certifying solar collection systems involves a lot of bureaucratic red tape and is not easy to market.

“People get very quickly confused [and] that makes it hard for us to get funded,” he says. “That’s why our challenge right now is also to communicate to people that our project is the smartest innovation in solar energy since the invention of PV panels.”

If you want to find out more about Rawlemon, then check out the Indiegogo campaign.

[Image via Inhabitat]

Source: http://gizmodo.com/these-beautiful-solar-orbs-are-so-efficient-they-even-h-1500329295

Welcome to Lady Kira’s Squidoo Page

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This Squidoo Lens has just been UPDATED! 🙂

Welcome to Lady Kira’s Squidoo Page.