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Photo by Christian with Inspired Creations
Photo by Christian with Inspired Creations

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Talking about YouTube – Soon, No Visa & No Master Card – New World Order And The RFID Chip

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 This actually falls into several categories, however,

It’s IMPORTANT to note that Mr. Silverman states at the end of this video
" It’s important to distinguish between our technology & the **ONGOING ACTIVE RFID TECHNOLOGY**"
 (He is saying that the RFID chip they have designed is for medical information, but he is also saying that there is
ANOTHER RFID technology that is being developed.)


YouTube – Soon, No Visa & No Master Card – New World Order And The RFID Chip

Tuesday October 14 2008

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FSME Internos was kind enough to compile a list of existing October 14th/GFL related threads.

Some may already be closed, but may contain some information for those interested in the topic.

Please refrain from bumping the older threads, rather add to this thread.

The list of topics & their links can be found here:

You do not have to be a member to read them, but you will  to respond to any of the messages.

a sample listing :

 Decide Whether We Should Show Up!!!

spaceship can be easily generated in our skies via current holograph technology

 ill gladly start the thread!!!!!

 Info Out Thread

A Bevy of Questions to ponder about the GFL

Another Live weather satellite showing the same

A Space Ship Will Hover Over Las Vegas For 3 – 4 Days!

Blossom Goodchild Interviewed by Mike Quinsey on Oct 14th UFO

Blossom Goodchild’s Predicted Mass UFO Sighting: Will it Force Disclosure to Occur?

Blossom x Crisis Is there a link?

Buddha’s Coming – Oct 14


I found this post of particualar intrest…

posted on 10-10-2008 @ 10:08 AM by Spooky Fox Mulder  
 Originally posted by genma
Below are two links to Youtube videos that showcase Virigin Digital’s "Musion Eyeliner" hologram technology.

Now keep in mind the first was shown over 2 years ago.

Imagine what NASA themselves can do with project Blue Beam holograph tech.

It would be pretty much impossible to tell whether or not a gigantic spaceship hovering within our atmosphere on 10/14/08 was fake.[/url]


Interesting point.

Another interesting point is that in her book "Path of Empowerment: Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos",

the well-known author Barbara Marciniak writes that the First Contact ships will be a holographic projection.

In that book, she writes that the First Contact ships will be a wolf in sheep’s clothes so to speak:

all of Earth’s population will believe that the aliens are friendly, but in fact, they won’t be.

Barbara Marciniak writes that the First Contact ships will be the work of Illuminati,

they are the alien species who are actually working with the Illuminati government and will lure the human

population into their control. The First Contact ships will also be a holographic projection (a hologram).

According to Barbara Marciniak, the good guys and their ships will arrive much later.

I very much like the writings of Barbara and I think that she has some valid points here.

Whatever happens on October 14th – keep your 3rd eye open so to speak.

If your eyes say "YES!" but your heart says "NO!" – than you should trust your heart. 


INFORMATION ON: frozen waves~beautiful!~

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Its not really a tidal wave but ice created from glacial movements forming tidal wave looks. Pretty cool.

This spectacular series of images circulates via email and has also been posted on various websites, blogs and online forums.

A description commonly included with the images claims that they depict a large tidal wave or tsunami wave instantly frozen as it breaks.

However, the ice formation shown in the images is almost certainly a part of a glacier rather than an instantly frozen wave.

The exact origin of the images is currently unclear, as is the location where the photographs were taken.

What seems clear, however, is that the pictures are quite unlikely to show a giant wave somehow snap-frozen in the very act of breaking.

The formation contains

blue ice, and this is compelling evidence that it was not created instantly from a wave of water. Blue ice is created as the ice is compressed and trapped air bubbles are squeezed out.

The ice looks blue because, when light passes through thick ice, blue light is transmitted back out but red light is absorbed.

An article on the Alaska Science Forum notes:

The color of ice can be used to estimate its strength and even how long it has been frozen. Arctic Ocean ice is white during its first year because it is full of bubbles. Light will travel only a short distance before it is scattered by the bubbles and reflected back out. As a result, little absorption occurs, and the light leaves with the same color it had when it went in.

During the summer, the ice surface melts and new overlying ice layers compress the remaining air bubbles. Now, any light that enters travels a longer distance within the ice before it emerges. This gives the red end of the spectrum space enough to be absorbed, and the light returned at the surface is blue.

Arctic explorers and mountain climbers know that old, blue ice with fewer bubbles is safer and stronger than white ice. An added bonus for explorers is knowing that floating camps built on blue ice will last longer.


Thus, the deep blue color suggests that the ice in the formation was probably built up slowly over time rather than formed instantly. Perhaps the ice outcrop may have formed when geological or environmental pressures forced quantities of ice upward from the surrounding ice plain. Subsequent melting and refreezing over many seasons may have given the formation its smooth, wave-like appearance.

I am hoping to track down the true origins of these beautiful images. If you know who took the photographs or where they were taken, please let me know.

Wikipedia: Blue ice (glacial)
Blue Snow and Ice
Frozen Tsunami Waves

First published: 13th November 2007

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen

Similar Articles:
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HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful, simply and amazing. Those pictures of frozen waves are really beautiful and can can leave you without breath. If you think that this is impossible than you are wrong. This is the wonder of nature, take a look at those pictures of frozen waves.