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Questions & Answers « Galaxy Dreams

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Questions & Answers « Galaxy Dreams.


Q & A – Blog Article Writers

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Who Writes these Blog Articles?

The Answer to this question depends on the topic.

  1. If an article posted here is completely researched & written by someone other than me (April~Lady Kira) then that person’s name is included on the article.
  2. If the article or post is on an alternate website, then a brief description or snippet of the article is posted here with a LINK to the original website of the author who wrote the article or the website they have authorized to publish it.
  3. If I have done the research, compiled it all together and written any of the information myself, then that article is published here on this blog and (hopefully but not always) a link is included on the Research Page under subtitle Research by April~Lady Kira
  4. Some of you are asking how to contact me to send ideas for the blog. You may send an email to: with the subject line: blog ideas. I will then read through them and decide if they will fit anything here on the blog. Please be sure to leave me a valid email to contact you back about your suggestion.
    ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT get paid for any of  the articles on this blog, so if you are suggesting this as a means for you to make money from MY blog, then I’m sorry that is NOT possible. Thank you.


Q & A: Fast Load Times/Browser Compatibility Issues

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Fast Load Times/Browser Compatibility Issues


  1.  Do you use a special tweak or program to speed up your load times?
  2. How do I make my blog loadable on mobile devices?
  3. Having Issues with Internet Explorer loading your blog


  1. No I do not use anything special to help my blog load faster. I do however check whatever theme I am thinking of using to see how fast it loads on my laptop and then click the icons at the bottom to see what it does on tablet & mobile. If it loads slowly on my laptop then there’s a good chance it will do the same on other devices or not load at all. I also keep in mind that there are still those who must use a Dial Up connection for their internet access and try to limit the number of graphics, pictures or videos that must load for them to see the page.
  2.  There is a setting here on wordpress that you can choose if you would like your blog to be accessible to mobile phones. All you have to do is turn it on and follow the directions provided.
  3. Issues with Internet Explorer – Although I do use the Microsoft Live Writer to compose the majority of my research blogs, I no longer use Internet explorer as my main browser. I use Firefox, However, Microsoft has stated that with the new release of their programming (coming soon) there will ALSO be a New Browser that is suppose to fix many of the issues people are having with Internet Explorer.




Q & A – Themes & Appearance

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Themes & Appearance


  1. Do you make, buy, or have someone design your theme?
  2. Where do I get a theme like yours .. etc?


I use the pre-made themes offered here on WordPress but sometimes I do add my own Headers or customize the theme just a little. There are plenty of FREE themes available so you do not have to purchase one unless you wish to.

You can find the themes from your dashboard here on WordPress.. scroll down the list on the LEFT side to Appearance, hover over it then scroll to the right top where it says Themes.


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Hello Everyone!
I have decided, as administrator, owner & writer of this blog, to add a page specifically to answer questions or comments asked by all of you wonderful people who take the time to stop bye, read & comment on various blog articles here.

This way, before you ask a question about the theme or whatever, you can check to see if there is already an answer to that question/topic.

You will find a link to the Q & A page listed in the Index of pages at the TOP of this blog, or wherever the then current theme has them posted.

I will make each subject (or group of subjects) ANSWER into one article and link them on the main Q & A page for easy access so you will not have to search through pages & pages of questions to find what you are looking for.

I hope this will help eliminate some of the many many duplicate questions/messages about the same thing.

There is something that seems to be recurrent in the comments left in that some of you seem to be using blog comment suggestions…

Although those do come in handy at times, the number of these type of comments is staggering especially when the same one is left over & over by the same reader..

PLEASE do try to be original in your comments, and make sure you are posting your comment on a relevant blog!

Comments about Horse Breeds do not belong on articles discussing how to create child’s finger paints for example.

Thank you once again for your patronage through the past year & your continued enjoyment throughout this NEW Year of 2015..

Let’s make it a GREAT ONE!

Love, Light & Blessings to you and yours as we travel this year’s journey together.

April~Lady Kira